Principles and Values of ED Planetum

The principles and values represent the essence of our organization and govern the conduct of all our members both individually and as a whole, and the decision-making process.

Main values:

- Care for the environment, and the life and health of all: We act in the interest of a healthy and quality life for all, show respect for the environment, and think forward. Our decisions take into account the needs of the future generations.
- Respect: We show respect for the opinion, knowledge and effort of our employees, volunteers, members, users and partners, and we facilitate their involvement in the decision-making processes by encouraging critical thinking.
- Integrity: We highly appreciate integrity as an ethical value and condemn all kinds of dishonesty (fraud, bribery, sabotage, etc.), we are economical in handling our assets and truthfully share information with the public.
- Creativity and innovation: We encourage different perspectives and new viewpoints. We create an atmosphere where each individual can develop their own potential and enjoy their work.
- Volunteering: We treat our volunteers with respect and invest in their development. We make an effort to ensure they use their full potential and show their enthusiasm by providing them with the appropriate conditions and resources while at the same time rewarding them for their efforts.
- Teamwork: Each individual matters, however team spirit is essential to accomplishing common goals. We work together towards achieving sustainable results.