Urban development

The Law prescribes integrated environmental permits for legal entities and natural persons dealing with certain legally regulated activities as one of the measures that can contribute to reducing environmental pollution. In the past few years Planetum has prepared a number of environmental reports for individuals and legal entities from several municipalities in the southeast region of Macedonia which has made it regionally recognisable as an organization offering this service. Also, over the past eight years, Planetum has worked extensively on the program for increasing and regulating the green areas in the municipality of Strumica. Planetum also advocates the creation of a steady system for maintaining green public spaces. Within the program several public areas and residential areas were lanscaped in both urban and rural areas of the municipality. This program created a practice among the population (signed requests from a larger number of citizens) to register with Planetum for having their yards landscaped. Morevover, many legal and natural entities have expressed such an interest to have their yards landscaped by Planetum. The needs of the community, the expertise and the technical equipment of Planetum ensure the development of a program of services including preparation of ecological elaborates, noise measurement (as part of ecological elaborates, or separately), and increasing and maintaining green areas. On the one hand, this will contribute to a cleaner and quality air, and on the other, to greater self-financing of the organization.