Waste management

ED Planetum is the first non-governmental organisation in the Republic of Macedonia which started to address plastic waste issues, and the first organization to measure the quantities of different types of solid communal waste (plastic, glass, paper, biodegradable) from several households and restaurants in the city of Strumica with results being used by several organisations and institutions. As a result of the efforts of Planetum, the first eco-islands were set up in Strumica for the selection of plastics, paper and communal waste. With the support of Planetum, all municipalities in the Strumica region (Strumica, Vasilevo, Bosilovo and Novo Selo) received 20 containers each for PET plastics.

Reducing pollution from solid communal waste in the region remains one of the key requirements in the next period. The organised solid communal waste management service, which is primarily within the competence of public utility companies (PUCs), is largely concentrated in urban areas (major cities and villages), leaving most of the smaller and rural settlements without any kind of organised service. For the region as a whole, the percentage of population not receiving this service out of the total population is 29%; however, the percentage of population not receiving this service varies between the minimum of 0% in Bogdanci and over 88% in the municipality of Konche. The partially organised system of waste collection from all settlements in the region, as well as the low level of public awareness contribute to the creation of a large number of illegal landfills and dumps along public roads, river beds, etc. In addition, the selection of certain types of communal waste, especially plastic waste, is not entirely effective which in turn increases the pollution from solid waste.